ELZIG and the South of Memphis Band


The Demon Elvis

Straight from the strip of Vegas, just South of Memphis, and across the Georgia State Line via New Jersey, this is ELZIG!
Thank Ya. Thank Ya, very much!


Throne Room Reading”

Formed from the ashes of the Atlanta horror punk legends, the Spectremen, Dan Kelly's (ELZIG) new vision consists of bringing the neon lights of the Vegas strip with a bucket of a Deep Southern graveyard dirt.

To ensure his vision musically, Mr. Kelly recruited guitarist Evil Jim (Bigfoot, the Evils, Big World Production Soundtracks) to arrange and direct the musical aspect of the ELZIG show. Rounding out the "South of Memphis Band" are Ms. Tiff Rowell (backing vocals), Ms. Skye (backing vocals), Clete Reid (bass), Mark Stopper (drums), and the Crimson Ghost (scarves, whiskey, and pills).

From the golden age of rock and roll, the pogo of punk rock, the head banging of heavy metal, a tear in a beer country, slow dance/couple skate ballads, all with a hint of southern gospel, an ELZIG concert covers it all.